Tanning Bed

Spray Tanning

The choice of spray tan we have chosen to use is Eco-Cert DHA, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Nut Allergen Free, Sulfate Free. The formulas have Natural Enzymes to repair weak dehydrated skin, Time-release microcapsules that bind moisture within the skin, giving 24 hour moisture and a Unique Dermal Barrier that locks DHA within the top layer of the skin, providing longer lasting, deeper color results. All colors listed below work with all skin tones.


Just off the Mediterranean Beach color. An exotic formula combining violet and brown bronzers.

Venetian Plus

Same as Venetian but a shade darker.


Just off the Beach Glow. It creates a customized shade of bronze for each individual client.

Organic Premium

The same as the Premium but with an all Organic formula.

Tanning Bed

A fifteen-minute max tanning bed with facial bulbs. Available per session or monthly membership.